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Asea Scam?

I lost that job and now I cry as I have no money. No vitamin, mineral, juice or drug can make that claim.

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What I discovered was that the health industry is a cesspool of claims and counterclaims. In the end I re-learned that greed and the lust for a quick buck leaves us with an uneasy and dangerous pilgramage into our bank accounts with the hopes of a little outlay bringing in a huge amount of ROI. A shiny turd, but still a turd. Then can you explain why ASEA would want to certify that there are redox signaling molecules in every bottle they manufacture.

They use a company called BioAgilytix. BioAgilytix is a leading contract research organization specializing in large molecule needs, enabling scientific innovators to develop and deliver game-changing biologic innovations through our expertise in cell-based assays, biomarkers, immunogenicity and pharmacokinetics. They also certify drugs from major drug companies. Every bottle of ASEA has BioAgilytix logo on the bottle certifying that there are trillions of molecules in each bottle.

I already know the benefits of the molecules because it changed the lives of two of my family members. We have been taking it now going on 5 years before ASEA certified their product. What is your answer to why would ASEA pay to certify if this was a scam? What would happen to your body if you had no redox molecules in your body? Are they doing this with the FDA? Lying Lazy Man Said: No vitamin, mineral, juice or drug can make that claim.

Drug companies needs that approval because they have to show all the side effects including death. That piece of info is out of context that is what BioAgilytix mission statement is regarding supplying their services to drug companies.

You never answered my question. Why did ASEA use BioAgilytix to certify that they have trillions of redox signal molecules in every bottle they produce??? If they are scamming why would they pay to have it done? I think you should read Pub Med and understand the science of redox signaling molecules before you take what I say and twist it to meet your agenda.

I do know a lot of people on the product because there are over , taking it every day and their testimonials is enough for me. I might be biased because it helped both my wife and daughter. Your uneducated answer would be that it was a placebo what you need to do is study the science before you prevent other people from finding a solution to better heath. Why would I say it is not a placebo?

My wife and daughter had been on many different drugs prescribed by doctors over the years and one my daughter was taking had to get off it because she would have died.

Could it be you are getting paid by the drug companies?? Again, what are the chemical names of these alleged molecules? H20 is a molecule. The medium that maintains the redox signaling molecules is sodium chloride in pristine purified water similar to hospital grade IV solution.

This is why it is a native to your body supplement. At the very core of the way our bodies work is energy production from the REDOX biochemical reactions converting food and oxygen into energy, carbon dioxide, and water. This is called cellular respiration. Large molecules are broken down into smaller ones, releasing energy in the process. The exchange of energy involves the transfer of electrons from one molecule to another. There is a collection of very tiny molecules created in these side reactions, which vary in size from atoms, and are called REDOX signaling molecules RSM.

They are generated in some cells a million times a second, and also used to carry out their work equally as fast. It is no wonder that these molecules are so pivotal in our biology. You are being very negative about something you know nothing about. You believe in FDA approved drugs but so many are toxic and detrimental to health read the warning labels.

BioAgilytix certification company does the same for drug companies you love. I think ASEA did the certification to dispel skeptics and prove that there were real redox molecules. Why are drug companies using Bioagilytics for their sales reps to promote drugs to local doctors or certify that each batch of drug meets specification? When it hits 0 you are dead. I am finished responding to your blog but hope this conversation can be used by people trying to find the answer for a medical challenge.

Please reach out to someone that has used ASEA there are way more positive people out there then what is written about on these blogs. If ASEA the company believes any of their products are an answer to a medical challenge, they can get the FDA to certify it for that purpose, right? Now, as I am not a biologist, nor a pharmacist.

But my daughter is, and I will be asking her about these redox signalers. If Rich has irrefutible evidence of the factual, laboratory and FDA approved product, I would love to see it. Otherwise, this is nothing more than an excercise in flabber jabber rap to me. Which of course once again begs the question…. Which dog does he have in this fight?

Or is he simply a man that just loves to argue and debate, bot knowing when to surrender to logic? My skin in this game is based on the fact that my daughter and wife are no longer taking life threatening drugs that are FDA approved because of ASEA. They are no longer plagued with depilating symptoms caused by a well-known auto-immune disease now going on 5 years. I am just an average person that wants to help as many people as I can and seeing negative uneducated information published in this blog is my motivation.

Aspirin was never tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDA because it was grandfathered as an existing drug in How much would you charge me to promote ASEA on your blog because I am very passionate about the product? Rich, you failed in epic fashion on point 1, which was my request for you to name the alleged redox signaling molecules to which you were alluding. You came back mentioning only sodium chloride table salt and water — which is the gist of why you are being ridiculed for selling salt water and pretending that it acts as an antioxidant — and then you went on some pointless tangent about the Krebs cycle.

I do however believe in abiding by US laws that require companies to provide substantiation of the efficacy and safety of their products to the FDA as a condition for approval for medical use, which is something that ASEA will never do because they are purveyors of worthless pyramid scheme salt water to idiots.

This meaningless certification you keep blathering about is more likely to further convince people that ASEA is fraudulent than to dispel even a grain of skepticism. I am not wrong. All I said was that your initial question was idiotic; i. I could copy and paste the whole thing, but the rest of what you said was just copied and pasted biology information that you got from a website. I did some research on this topic, because the only ingredient you mentioned was sodium chloride. That immediately jumped out as a red flag, because that is just the scientific way of saying salt.

At this point, all you have suggested is that ASEA is glorified salt water, and according to this website, http: It would seem that you are simply copying and pasting stuff that is meant to look technical to the amateur, and therefore ignorant to the subject as well. FDA approved drugs can be dangerous…nobody is going to argue with that, but they have active ingredients that are proprietary not salt , and have strict guidelines for their usage.

When you search their website for anything involving ASEA it comes up with 0 results…that seems a bit strange considering how many websites are bragging about the two being connected.

By the way I just found another article about the whole fancy salt water thing here, https: It could be time to lay to rest the scientific nonsense…. He could be a distributor, company executive, investor, or paid troll. Rich obviously has a financial interest, which he may or may not own up to. But more importantly, the blanket answer is always the same — idiot or a-hole. Idiot for falling for this moronic scam in the first place, and doubly so for being impervious to the airtight logical criticisms that have been presented and yet repeatedly ignored; or a-hole — knowing full well that the entire ASEA story is BS from front to back and yet foisting this snakeoil on people anyway.

Beyond that, there is no mystery lurking here; just a parade of mind-boggling stupidity and reckless self-serving irresponsibility. Action speaks louder than your words. I hope you have a good doctor and the drug companies that supports this site pays you well. Like I said — a liar, troll, and self-serving irresponsible a-hole.

Rich, why not take them to the ocean and have some fun for free then? The beaches are free to enter, and if salt water is their cure…I think it could be a fun and much cheaper treatment. Where do you get this crap from? Comparing acetaminophen and aspirin to salt as successful active ingredients is a total joke. This fallacious comparison is right there with the former.

Time to be a man of your word Rich, and start taking action! As you all know, Asea is not only salt water. But all the life in the sea, depends on the same molecules that is in Asea.

Without the molecules, there will not be any life in the sea or anywhere else. But all you skeptics are like ostriches. Would you like to buy some bottled air from me? Lazy Man, Keep Resting your head in the sand or on your pillow, if you want to We will never agree. Well, my research lead me to this thread Asea: Another Expensive Way to Buy Water. Harriet Hall to be wrong about anything.

Until either of that happens, I stand by the good Dr. First let me say that Rich has very strongly held beliefs. He has been and remains loyal to doing what he believes is right for him and his family. Sodium Chloride is nothing more than table salt. Sea salt is also sodium chloride, ergo…table salt. I have an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto Disease. There is nothing short of replacement therapy that keeps me alive. Everyone I know with these types of disease would not survive with only the solution you promote.

It seems to be appropo here. Not the goverment because it is sold via independent distributors. So that will never happen. The goverment will not earn a cent from this so they will not pay either. I have several customers on autoship and they have been using Asea for a long time now.

I get at least one sale per week here in Norway. Because the product work. Oh now we see that Magnus is finally admitting that he sells the product. And of course ASEA would pay for it, because they created the product.

This is pretty standard operating procedure. They could also get grants from legitimate science organizations. Finally, if they really can show that the proof of concept works, they can raise funds from private investors or go public and use the funds from an IPO.

I assume Asea is familiar with how it works. I heard that FDA does not approve dietary supplements. So no need for Asea to try to get it approved. This simply means that I can sell my bottled salt water. There are supplements that have this approval as this list shows. You probably know about calcium and vitamin D for bone health for example. FDA approval that a product helps with a medical condition. You know we, as distributors, are not allowed to claim that Asea or any alternative products help with any medical conditions.

This is the rule for most countries. You could claim that a calcium and vitamin D supplement helps with osteoporosis because the FDA has been given enough evidence to support those claims. You seem to be talking in circles. You should be making demands to Asea management to prove it to the FDA like calcium and vitamin D rather than wasting your time here.

You remind me of the footwear I take with me to the rivers and lakes here in Colorado; flip-flops. You flip flop on your position regularly. I offer that point of view to your opposition as well. But their point is well taken. You and Rich have offered no proof that your product is superior and beneficial.

He stated that there were several ingrediants and danced a bit before settling on the statement of him just being their salesman. He was told by the potential customer to drink it himself. By the way, exlixirs sold in those days were on average, 80 proof alcohol. That cured pretty much anything for a few hours anyway. Since Sodium Chloride has been established as nothing more than table salt in pristine water whatever that means ; I know, I know, pristine water is water so pure that it can be injected into your bloodstream.

Hypertension, water weight gain from retention, etc. As I am not a healthcare professional, scientist, nutrionist or researcher, I may only speak as a lay person. Based on your conversations alone, you both are lay persons, as well. Neither of the three of us can or may speak as experts. Quoting company verbage, referring to studies commissioned by ASEA, is both reckless and dangerous for two reasons.

First, companies often shop their data to companies and individuals who will, with the right amount of cash and incentives, spin and tweak data to reach conclusions the company wants. Lawyers do this all the time in Civil and Criminal cases! Both sides bring in their own experts to debunk other so-called experts.

Second, the potentially harmful effects of an untested formula. When I say untested formula, I mean a formula that has not undergone multiple double and triple blind studies, peer reviews and readily available publicized documents detailing in great detail, the formula, the precise steps that created the formula, the research, the studies, the clinical trials and the peer review. There are many supplements, thousands and thousands, that do not undergo these steps. The FDA states there is no feasible way to verify the truth to all the claims.

So they chose in their infinite idiotic beaureacratic minds to just create a set of guidelines and penalties for violating them. The only way they actually find out there was a violation is when many people begin to complain. Supplement companies know this. This is why the salesman in Josie Wales and those in real life become so successful. Just imply their curative affects without any detail. Dance around the issues and follow the company script.

Talk for hours and hours promoting their whatever, without any detail or factual foundation. Like the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. They appeal to the emotional buyers and stay away like the plague from logical thinking consumers.

They know there are more impulsive consumers in this world than the consumers who use logic. Impulse buyers far, far out number, those that choose to look behind the mirror. This is a Win-Win for them if they sell enough product to gullible consumers. Magnus and Rich, you both a just tiny cogs in their very large machinery.

That is, unless one or both of you are high up in the foodchain of ASEA. Your naysayers are attempting to protect ignorant consumers. I look forward to your responses. Since I lack the genes to be affected by those, your potential insults and your position of feeling authoritative are wasted on me. Logic and truth are the only things that gets my attention. Good luck to you both on that. I can tell you without a doubt this man who wrote this is absolutely wrong. I was a sceptical as they came.

Just by saying there is no science to back this product up, I can tell you that he did 0 homework as there are many scientific studies.

Ah, now we get to the heart of the matter. You are a distributor of this BS salt water snakeoil and are violating U. That makes you an a-hole of the lowest order.

Wrong about what exactly? BTW, is this you? If not, it must suck to have the same name as a convicted child pornographer. Asea is going to change the way the world thinks. When the Redox signalling gets turned on globally we can control humans and have a better society as we cull the dying and ugly. Our tije is now for world domination. So, typing on my phone makes me a fool? I violated what policies exactly?

Please tell me which disease or diseases I said this cures specifically? You obviously have my LinkedIn page. Seems like you just like to bitch! You made a general claim that the product cure incurable chronic diseases. Such claims are illegal, aside from being just plain stupid. Um, yes you did. The law prohibits you making claims that Asea cures chronic diseases. Aside from being dishonest, how can you be so slow as to not understand this?

Suggesting that what I wrote was slander makes you seem even dumber than at first blush. It will help to make you look better. You clearly understand that you are not allowed to claim these products cure ailments, and yet you do your best to suggest it. First of all, that would not be slander, but rather libel. Only pointing this out because you made a big deal about spelling, and I find vocabulary to be much more important… Secondly, you are now taking the opposite stance of implying meaning.

First you decide to be perfectly vague with your chronic conditions cure comment, and get mad when it gets linked to presumption, and now you are trying to do the same to Vogel when he simply asked if that was you. Technically, you are probably the closest to violating anything. So since I have digestive problems, I started consulting with a Nutritional Counselor who wants me to buy more and more of this ASEA product, and he is also a distributor.

I was totally disabled and bedridden from a progressive and incurable brain disease. My family was preparing to move me to assisted living to die. My doctors gave us no hope of recovery. My doctors have conceded it was the ASEA. You are doing many people a great diservice making wild claims and unfounded accusations. Please post your doctors and their contact information so we can verify that we may verify your anonymous claims about this miracle.

Can you give me details on that? Alison, will you agree to take a lie detector test. I simply engage in the discussion as I do with all my articles. During that time a lot of information about how the company and its distributors are defrauding people have come to the forefront.

I wish you the best of luck. Let me know how it goes for you. What they get is people like Pat, who a few comments above tried to say that Harvard teaches MLM… a confirmed falsehood that has been repeated for nearly 30 years now.

Some form of consumer protection exists in just about every civilized country. Otherwise, perhaps you should embrace it. Maybe that makes it easier for you whose ambition seems to boil down to printing labels or some such.

His logic is inconsistent with capitalism, which basically dictates that the fittest survive. If a company like Monavie is so vulnerable to criticism that they can be killed by it, then the company deserves to die. The law of the jungle is harsh.

What capitalist is arguing for instead is protectionism or stronger unions or something along those lines, where the jobs of bottlers and packagers are protected even though the company that pays them is unfit to compete in the marketplace. Not surprising coming from a Monavie shill. You sound like a fine young gentleman with lots of friends. You totally nailed me. Congratulations on your fine win. Since you are such a winner with lots of friends….

I have a great business opportunity for you to make lots of money and be healthy! I cannot prove that it will ever work, but I do know that you will likely lose all your friends pursuing this dream. All i see are a lot of wild fruits… i say wild because many of them are not farmed? The lack of water in the label has been covered in these comments in the past. The point is that there is indeed water whether the label says it or not.

No one is debating this to my knowledge. Are you going to argue with the court documents or the newspaper that I cited in the article about it? You know that the fruits are indeed farmed, right? If you really want to understand why it seems to work so well for so many people, you need to understand the same is true for MLM health products that contain none of these fruits like ASEA and Protandim. Since you are such a winner with lots of friends.

To that, you reply back with this silly example of sarcastic love bombing. If you were a true capitalist, and supported free markets etc.

What better way to antagnonize an opposing viewpoint than to enter its realm and divide its sheep by posing as freindly fire. Or, you are one of those libra types that takes great pride in badgering the establishment just to amuse and bemuse.

If under the age of 40 and from pretty much any colledge you probably suffer a serious taint problem. You are clear and articulate though….

I suspect you know full well that what you do and say is subterfuge regardless of your age or education. If you are inclined to think otherwise I guess we keep having these chats as long as you are up for it. I accept it, use it for mixer. My super favorite is the Active Absinthe Monkey Gland.. So do I win a prize too? I am creative and funny and garsh darn it people know me. Or do I get discarded as a school yard dolt …?

Vogel, As a rule of thumb, nobody who resorts to name calling is serious about engaging in a debate. You have called me an idiotic shill and a dick.

The debate you seek will not happen here. You clearly have me figured out already. You are the winner because you are a winner in general.

Use your eyes, not your thumb. I have already established the seriousness of my interest in debating this subject through my many past contributions to date.

Basically, being — a dick. My grandfather has always had bad cholesterol and blood pressure since he had a doctors app last week after taking Monavie for around 5 months. He stopped taking his cholesterol and blood pressure meds half way through. We both had positive health benefits from it, just entirely different ones.

He got great sleep again, had more energy and it cleared his chronic sinus issues. I am lactose intolerant and seem to suffer from an over stimulated bowel. This product helped my digestive issues and made me the most regular I had been in years. We were both very pleased with our results. Also, it was interesting that it effected us both so differently. Honestly I feel sorry for you. So you know my life better than me?

Keep in mind, I wrote an article detailing my connection MonaVie here: This juice will probably make it so my children in the near future will be able to meet their great grandfather. Ya just read it and you obviously changed your mind since then my grandfather is benefiting from it so it is good enough for me everyone has their own opinion.

I only have my aunt under me and I am just in it for the energy drinks they are cheaper and healthier than buying a monster a day. So there you go, the inventor of the product is calling your claim bogus. Surely, you trust him. Feel free to come back and fill us in on your conversation with the inventor.

I highly doubt that you will. Whatever it is, Monavie is a good product. I have witnessed it and I have tried it. It does not matter what kind of negative research you have don e on Monavie, one way or the other, Monavie has a lot of health benefits and I have seen people overcome some of their long term illness by drinking Monavie. Lazy Man, from what I have read about your comments, you seems to be very vengeful and full of hatred for Monavie. There are so many MLM health drink based companies around, why target Monavie?

If you read the beginning of the article they pitched the product to my wife who told me about it. I have no motivation for revenge, never paid them a single dollar.

Dana Wong, Jesse Willms, had a close connection and for much of the time was not afraid to use her own name. I will say that I highly doubt the email address Wong left is accurate.

Nobody says that MonaVie cure cancer! You are just lazy twat Jealous about people who work hard to succeed in this busines. Monavie is really working!!

Oh how quickly we forget MonaVie distributors putting fake oncologists in scrubs and pitching the product as a treatment for cancer: But, it might be a good idea to do a little research of your own to see if there is an equal or better solution for far less money. A large store chain has a supply for the same type of product. Here is where UseLogic comes into play. The first couple questions I give anyone when looking at these types of set ups and scenarios. Because, that is the only way these other people get paid while the person that sold product way down at the bottom.

Are you getting what you paid for? Or, are you over paying for a product or service that is comparable by other mfrs? In relation to the product being discussed here, how could you grow that much Acai that fast with out it being farmed? One way would be to have minor amount as the ingredient, while diverting from that fact by listing all the other ingredients. Lot of which is not foreign to us in the US. Which leads me back to a question.

Are you getting what you are paying for? I just learned that Niles was released from prison in November after a Florida Appeals Court upheld, on a technicality, his appeal of a previous conviction for molestation of a minor.

The docket also mentions that Rainey had previously represented the father of the two girls that Niles molested. One remarkable detail that I stumbled on while reading the latest appeal docket was that it mentioned the following in reference to the criminal act:. This is remarkably similar to the modus operandi in the crime that Niles was convicted for while serving in the California National Guard.

The appeals docket for that case states:. According to OF, appellant claimed that her clothes were inhibiting the benefit of the massage, and he began removing them, despite her protests. I joined Monavie and left them after one month. The juice they sell goes off very quickly with green slimey bits floating about in it. I complained to Monavie about this and there reply was make sure I keep the drink the fridge, which I was doing.

Three bottles of the juice went rotten with these horrible green slimey bits in it. I was ashamed when I poured out this juice to a potential customer which Monavie like to call prospects.

The top salesmen in this company use language that you will find in books on Neuro linguistic programming, this language is used to make people believe in the product. On the training courses that Monavie do they explain to you that you must never mention Monavie without giving a compliment to the potential customer first. This flattering and boosting up of the persons ego is to trick the potential customer into believing that they are dealing with an honest person.

Its the use of language to build trust. Manipulation of the potential customer. Paul McKenna the hypnotist would love these guys. For God Sake, Stop selling this products, it contains sodium benzoate and vitamin C and is carcinogenic. My mom got stage 1 breast cancer and went to surgery, Doctor said she is now cancer free. I bought this Monavie for her to drink then a few months later her condition worsen.

For God Sake, stop selling this products and stop claiming it cures cancer because it contain acai berry. Bear in mind Sodium Benzoate is dangerous to human health. Monavie is way over priced and people who have no idea how an mlm company works, gets sucked in to try the juice, which for the price lol you can go to a lot of places and purchase better juice for a lot cheaper, when they join all hyped, they then realize to even be able to keep commissions you have to be on autoship, when they hear no after no doing the boring old outdated methods they soon realize it is hard that way for the price of the juice.

Who really wants to carry around party cups and bottles of Monavie lol.. If someone asked me, I would literally laugh and tell them there is a better way of marketing, it looks desperate to me and they have to stop you to try their juice. I am not saying this way does not work, everyone has their own way.

But in all honesty, there are better home based businesses out there that are more affordable and easier to market, and there are home business that can make you a lot of money without even recruiting one person into the business.

I wish anyone who has started with Monavie the best of luck, but it is not for me. And I agree with the above comments too. Seems the founders were ready to get out of there. The management team they have in place seems clueless.

This new mynt thing is a total joke. I enjoyed reading your valuable info which I too hope will help educate the public about MLM schemes. I have a friend who was involved in Mona vie and has since dropped off that wagon and jumped unto the next, ASEA.

I hope that she will see that there is no light at the end of that tunnel either. People are signing up for commitments of over zl per month in a country where that is a half of their salary outside of Warsaw where there are rich people.

Please please get a translation into Polish! The products are supposed to be healthy yet the first one I looked is shampoo that has Sodium Benzoate and yet it claims: My sick father had used Acai juice called zadly which stronger than monavie the results were great: Multi-level marketing is perfectly legit and something Forbes writes about as a lucrative option for a home-based business, where money is exchanged for goods or services.

Or the personal products you use on your face, skin and even toothpaste. There are 11 chemicals that the FDA bans from these products and there are over 80, being used. Actually if you research pyramid schemes, you know that goods and services can be exchanged. They convinced the judicial system to shut them down.

If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. It is like interviewing those who won the lottery to determine if buying lottery tickets are a viable investment opportunity — it is not. There are enough people arguing about Monsanto. I like the website The Good Human who has done that.

My opinion is protected speech by the first amendment. You need to get bitch-slapped. There are statues of critics: If you have any recommendations for energy besides coffee let me know. You can get caffeine many places fairly cheaply. Caffeine is outside the topic of this post. I highly recommend the book. The book points out that some research suggests energy may be more mental than physical. Thank you for the book recommendation though ordered it with my amazon points.

There are some nuts out there who lean on one side or the other and will slam me whatever side I went to. Cheap caffeine pills make sure you know how much you are taking is one very cheap option that is not coffee. You can read about it here: Now With Less Energy? The articles are a little old and the links may or may not work, but the points are still relevant. I would have worked more of the energy drink and weight loss formulas into this article, but it was already long and I think made things fairly clear.

MonaVie has recently created the Mynt program to target young adults and students and sell them energy drinks. They are copying the Vemma Verge scam that Today Show covered here. The companies realize that students will overpay a buck or two per drink and recruit others, which is profitable for them.

As Harpers magazine wrote here: Sorry, that was long. I was just in Monavie to try and make some extra money in a way and I went toward the energy drinks because I figured they were better for you in some way than traditional energy drinks. Also did the math and it was cheaper for me to buy two cases of their energy drinks than to buy 1 monster a day like I used to.

Now I just buy Arizona green tea since it is healthier at least I think it is than trying to drink energy drinks or colas. Save Money on Energy Drinks and Caffeine. Just add it to water. If you go with the caffeine pill route, you can get costs down to just a couple of dollars without additives of any kind. I get arizona 1 dollar for a big can of it well 1. Which really is better than monster here which was 2. I was big on the taste of monster I've seen dollar stores sell full throttle which aren't healthy but taste decent.

The only thing I was concerned about was the sugar. Some of them have a ton. Another good substitute is rock sugar or honey. I normally look out for the sales on teavana since I prefer loose leaf teas.

Well, since the MonaVie distributors seem to concede defeat in the discussion, might as well help people with legitimate at least somewhat related questions. That makes me chuckle…. I think most of the new comments are going there. This is really amazing stuff.

For years he was the one defending MonaVie when people pointed out the obvious problems in the scam. The company is practically nonexistent: Yep, he joined Forever Green. The company makes Xpress Strips that appear to be a heating pack.

Looks like Jeunesse will be making the big announcement today that they have purchased the rights to MonaVie. What an ugly Google Trends it has been on for the last several years: It sounds like they are already starting the PR campaign about the march of sales up to a billion dollars. Yet nothing has materially changed other than the adding of two companies in steep decline. Why is it that every time Larsen drags his wife onto the stage she looks like a Stepford wife — a nodding bobble-head marionette.

And WTF is up with that haircut??? Was she paying tribute to the cum-in-the-hair scene from Something About Mary? Larsen the con artist fleeced people out of millions of dollars with a scam that was knowingly predicated on pure BS from day one. What a F-ing creep! I long for the day that we hear news of Mr. Larceny receiving a long overdue prison sentence.

Monavie is a miracle juice! My friends Dad had stage 4 liver cancer ,my friend heard about monavie ordered some for him and he has no sign of cancer. Praise God for this healing juice! It became already clear to me that monavie was questionable the minute when I saw refridgerated acai berry juice in the supermarkets.

I do not care what you say about Monavie. Who cares if they want to make money. I love the product and am thankful it is offered to help those who have health issues like me.

Oh well looks like Lazy and his henchfolk will need to find a new teat to suckle on. I guess link revenue is down since your ride is over huh. Ads for financial companies on financial articles pay a lot better.

This has nothing to do with network marketing per se. The same sort of thing happened during the car industry crisis. The automotive industry established certain commissions or bonuses to car dealers for doing things like setting up different dealerships and sub-dealers. When the car crisis hit and sales at the bottom end dropped, the car manufacturers could no longer pay some of these bonuses and dealer type commissions.

The result was that dealerships closed or moved on. In similar fashion, Monavie had bonuses and commissions for leadership. Distributors were paid based upon how well they did at helping others establish businesses. This is what I meant by top heavy. I stand behind the data published by Yevo.

Actual proof would be lab results proving that this data is wrong instead of all of this circumstantial type debate that really is proving next to nothing. Car dealerships are not recruitment pyramid schemes. They sell product that is in demand at a fair market price. Vogel gave you the math which is better than lab results. Why would you stand behind data of an organization that has clearly been shown by Vogel and others to not be trustworthy?

Once again, you are welcome to your opinion, but you give no basis for why anyone should trust it. Your repeated errors discredit your opinion.

Both corporations were promising bonuses to businesses for helping setting up other businesses. Now you are the one throwing out red herrings. Corporate promised certain commissions based upon business structure and not sales volume.

This is where they screwed up. They felt that by the time their binary matrix grew to a level that those bonuses would be paid that they would have overall sales that easily covered it. I do not know about MonaVie promising bonuses and not being able to pay them, but it was collapsing in July according to top distributors as outlined here: It stabalized [sic] from January through May.

No one on my team including me was qualifying rank. At our Hotel events, I was calling up all the Blue Diamonds, Hawaiian Blue Diamonds and Black Diamonds and no one was making anywhere close to the income disclosure statement.

It says nothing about MonaVie refusing to pay them money earned. It says that they were no longer qualifying rank. The FTC appears to have nearly a half a billion dollar yearly budget in the federally approved budget numbers.

You claim they have no money to go after MLM violators. Half a billion dollars is alot of money. If there were so many violators, I would think this budget would be sufficient to at least sent out non-compliance letters that would then show up in their database.

Fact is, there are very few in their database. Ergo, the business are in compliance with federal law. Hebrbalife, a single MLM, has billions in profits every year. They can tie up a case in court for years with each side burning millions on lawyers. The FTC does not have nearly a half billion budget. The FTC usually keeps its intentions hidden until it strikes. Same for when the FTC shut down Vemma.

Both those companies operated for around ten years before getting shut down. I have mixed feelings about the settlement, as it benefited a few hundred pricks at the top of the pyramid — the same people who were instrumental in scamming thousands of people. For me, all employees at MV are culpable and many will be just glad to have had an income for a few years followed by a 30k payoff and all without that nasty public publicity, eh?

They must be feeling like the train drivers into Auschwitz. I still have not been attacked by a bear. Lazy Man, Candace, Strangely, Lattimore — the dream team reunion! These Monavie scammers were awful. They tried to sell over hyped juice to my cancer patients living on fixed incomes.

Especially, since it works. This is exactly my point. When you have all the money and resources at your disposal, drinking water can be discredited, oh it already has been.

One of the more than countries would be showing it. If that had happened, it would have saved the world from the horror story known as Monavie, as well as this latest ill-conceived endeavor. Never had any issues with Monavie.

It was actually the only thing that helpe dme lose 30 lbs. But its not a scam IMHO it has good health effects and helpe dme a lot. In hindsight, I think we should all be able to agree on the MonaVie business opportunity. Your email address will not be published. Paul Lee R - Dothan on Wednesday released the Got a few more today. This is a great pageant! Happy Birthday To Brantley Bradley. Our grandson Sep 06 9: Burt Reynolds, whose charming smile entertained us through decades, is dead at 82 Sep 06 2: A fugitive wanted out of Okaloosa County for sexual battery on Sep 06 2: Structure Fire at Pondcypress Loop Sep 05 5: Strucutre Fire at Vaughn Towers Sep 05 3: Child killed as Storm amkes Land Fall Sep 05 AP - Authorities say an Alabama state trooper fatally shot a man after a car chase.

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Public meetings on legal pot to be held